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Tribute Essential K 50#

Tribute Essential K 50#

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• Low Feeding Rate: A dense nutrient concentration and low
calorie pellet makes it a low cost method of supplying the
most critical nutrients.
• Low NSC may be beneficial for hyperactive or special needs
horses, such as those with insulin resistance, laminitis, obesity
or tying-up.
• Optimal balance of essential amino acids for growth and
muscle maintenance.
• Organic minerals support normal bone and tissue growth,
reproduction, and immune health.
• Optimum levels of antioxidants Vitamin E, Vitamin C and
Selenium may help in reducing damage from aging and
exercise. Also supports immune health.
• Fortified with biotin to support healthy hoof growth and


Average adult horse: 1-2 lb per day. Young, growing horses & broodmares: 2-4 lb per day