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To Our Neighbors

Livestock and Pet Feed

We proudly carry locally milled feed and grains from Coker Feed Mill in Goldsboro, NC. In addition, we carry Showtime dog food, Tribute horse feed, PurrFurred Cat Food, and several types of bedding.

Feed and Grain

Traditional and Southern

Check out our array of southern made foods and mixes. We are focusing on small businesses in and around NC who make foods the way our ancestors did. from hushpuppy mix and chicken breader fro Old School Mills to Bertie County Peanuts to hormone and antibiotic free beef sticks fron Landcrafted Foods, we hope to help you bring traditional southern flavor into your home.

Keep an eye out, you never know what we will add next!

Southern Comfort Foods

Health Care Products

With a variety of product from Gaia Herbs, Sunny Soap, Old Town Soap Company, Meadowview Farms, Fiddlehead Traditional Wellness, Appalachian Goat, ENC Honey (and more!) we are sure to have that special something to make you feel good! High quality ingredients and an artisan's touch have made all these products popular with our customers. Come try some for yourself, you won't be disappointed.

Self Care

Northwoods Honey is PHENOMENAL & I don't like honey. I put a teaspoon of it in my matcha smoothie every morning, no sugar needed. The sweetness is NOT overpowering... HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!

Cynthia G.

Jaime is knowledgeable, honest and quick! He fixed our mower in a timely manner and for a fair price. Highly recommend for all your small engine needs!

Theresa W.

We would highly recommend Jamie and Nicole for any of our small engine repair! They are honest and fair about their charges and their work is spot on! Great honest folks to deal with! And local, American by choice and trustworthy!

Jaleena H.

2 lb homemade fresh honey can not be beat. I love this stuff on everything. great price too and your buying local from a really wonderful hard working family.. highly recomment stopping in and grabbing a container.. comes in 1 or 2 lbs.

Courtney G.

i have had work on my mowers done several times by Jaime when they had C&D. The work has always been done on time priced right,and in the utmost professional manner. When Florence put 3 feet of water in my basement my riding mower was flooded. Jaime took it, fixed it and returned it running as good as if it had never happened. I would gladly recommend this business to anyone who needs repair work done.

Eileen W.

I bought a brand new lawn mower and I couldn't get it started, son in law even tried and it took him a while to get it started. Complained to where I bought it, as they said it was something I was or wasn't doing correctly. So it sat, got Jaime and Nicole to check it out, they looked at it, got new parts as a couple of them were bad and got it fixed. Now I can start it with one or two pulls. The did an amazing job.

Sandra K.

My dogs loved the Blanchards Honey and Oats treats. They were crunchy, so they’re good for helping keep my dog’s teeth clean.

Kevin H.

Stopped in and got honey sticks and coffee. We love the honey and one of the best coffees we have tried.

The Purple Chicken

Why an urban farm store?

Northwoods Urban Farm was created with our neighbors in mind. The Northwoods neighborhood is nestled in the heart of Jacksonville, NC. With offshoots of the New River and a variety of well established flora and fauna in the area such as old, looming pecan trees and wild blackberries, it is the perfect place to begin a journey of urban farming and sustainability. To the untrained eye, it appears to be like every other neighborhood in town. What everyone doesn't see on a quick drive through is how many neighbors can be found tending their flower gardens, checking their apiaries, feeding chickens, and caring for vegetable gardens. Through various neighborhood groups residents trade seeds, plants, and other useful items. We are a traditional, tight knit community.

Nicole, the founder of Northwoods Urban Farm, has family roots in the area. Her grandparents, parents, and children have all thrived here. The one thing that has always been missing is a neighborhood farm center with our needs in mind. Everyone in our neighborhood would benefit from a local shop that carries the products we need for our urban farms and offers the services to keep our lawn equipment in top notch condition. An added bonus? Southern food staples such as jam and biscuit mix from Old School Mills (NC) enhance the local experience. NC small businesses such as Sunny Soap, Asheville Tea Company, Sow True Seeds, ENC Honey, Jams and Jellies R US, and farm fresh eggs help us preserve our southern heritage with products made in our state just the way North Carolinians have done for generations.

With the support of family, neighbors, friends and a great line up of NC small businesses, Northwoods Urban Farm was born.