How we hope to grow...

We are starting modestly with great plans for the future!  Our biggest focus prior to opening was small engine repair.  Why?  Hurricane season is upon us!  Our priority is to take care of our customers.  Making sure that everyone can have a working generator and a chainsaw to handle whatever comes is very important this time of year!  Aside from small engine repair and products we have focused heavily upon southern food staples.  

Areas that we hope to grow:

  • Expanded seed varieties
  • Organic soil, amendments and fertilizer solutions
  • Expanded local honey options
  • Chicken, duck, rabbit and other small animal products
  • High quality cat and dog food.  We already have a great variety of treats!
  • Yard and home treatments that are not dangerous to pets nor pollinators
  • Apiary products and mentorship
  • Organic nutritional supplements
  • Expanded varieties of soaps, candles and personal care items
  • Long term preparation items

We appreciate your support and if there is somehting you would like for us to carry, don't hesitate to contact us.  We will do our best to accomodate everyone's needs.